Friday, April 3, 2009

Kong's B'day

1 year d Kong...
I miss that time a lot.
Can you see the smile of 363?
But now...
I'm not suppose to make this post to be emo,
Coz it is your birthday!
So, Happy B'day to you!
You must have fun over there!
So many chat lou in your house, haha~
Hope to see you soon.


mtch said...

thanks bro..
yea, i really miss dat tym too.
so fast, is been a year.
almost half da ppl in dat cg photos is not in malaysia now.(check out Jason's face on da laz photo).
363 stil in our heart!

teary_elf said...


chenglit said...

Hey, happy belated birthday..
Panda y r making this blog so emo..i nearly shed my tears while im reading this blog.. =p

Mushroom~ enjoy ur life there while so many gals surround u, as wat Panda said. So hang fuk.

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...


teary_elf said...


H e n r i c k said...

Sigh.. I seems to be late. Happy belated B'day Mars! Time passes to fast and I never think it's been a year now. We are getting older and older T.T

Shen U said...

It's Yui's MBP. i don't own anything from Apple yet.

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

got la... some Apple Reseller's T-Shirt...