Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sony Walkman, My Walkman NW-A808!!!

Today, I bought a Walkman.
Walkman NW-A808, a video MP3 player.
This is the 2nd Walkman in my life, which I bought it myself.
The 1st Walkman was bought by my dad for me at 10++ years ago.
Ergh... the Original SRP was...
But you know how much I buy?
I believe that it is not a secret anymore to my friends...
Yes, RM300 and I grab it.
But the main point is not the price la since SQ is now doing stock clearance.
The thing that most TL is...
Haha I also cannot "tahan" to see the free gifts and laugh out loud.
Let's see pictures~

Tada~ Start TL bui?

This is the Premium Box lo... the original free gift...

inside the box: leather case, screen protector, strap, cloth, and a... dunno call wat...

The Main Character: Walkman NW-A808

Come d come d... the extra free gift~

Sony Leather Carrying Case - Black, Brown & White each.
and... RM99 each.

Again the Walkman

Oops, I wrote this 2 months ago, hehe~

the last sealed box in the store, no reserve ma liao~

Box open ceremony!!! Heart beating fast at this moment!!!

inside the box: manual books, Sonic Stage Installation Disc, Walkman, headphone, dock, usb cable, extension cable, warranty card.

Oh my gosh, it is so yeng~

after I stick the screen protector.

Original Combat Shirt, my 3rd R U Original T-Shirt collection

come with this purchase of course.

This is so call...

Bonus Crystal Strap, what a name...

And the little strap, FOC as well...

Actually my free gift include 1 Sony Diary Book, but I not capture the photo.
Just to mention that, you need to purchase RM1000 and above to entitle to get 1.
Ahem, lastly, nothing more to share,
just proudly announce that, I OWN A WALKMAN now!
1 more Sony gadget in pocket~
Happy happy happy~


Anonymous said...

u don1 me ceh u
i got nth to say to u

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

hehe, then u can juz ceh me...
wan tim oni u 1 ppl ceh me, no ppl ceh me i beh kuan xi pula...

Anonymous said...

fan jian de ren

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...


teary_elf said...

i wan the mp3 walkman.. actually i seek out for a mp3 or 4.. that day i wanna buy punya.. but u knw la.. jeff... haiz.. make me TL nia..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

wat he had done to u??? u wan to buy Walkman related to him 1 meh?

Vernn said...

ur pocket wont heavy meh? 3hp 2 sony gadgets, 1 ipod.. ahahha

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

i got 4 Sony Ericsson Phones:
W550i, K310i, P1i, K770i

i got 3 Apple iPods:
iPod Shuffle x 2 (New & Old), iPod Video 30GB

i got 1 Sony Walkman:

i got 1 Sony PSP

i got 1 Sony Cyber Shot:

These are all my gadgets...
That i put inside my bag... (some of them)
And it is not heavy at all, coz i love them!

Vernn said...