Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny KL Trip

Ermm, tell you guys a story la, since I already talk. Got form~

Some of you know I went to KL this Sunday right?
Yea I’m…

It is just 1 day trip, but my story is more than that.
I hate to do last minute thing (but I always do last minute homework when I study).
But I don’t know what the heck I’m busy about this round,
I last minute buy bus ticket.
What happened then?
080802 2250 I was at Sg.Nibong bus station.
“Ahem, besok pagi KL”
1 by 1 I ask every single booth…
“Sudah full”
“Semua tak dak”
“Hanya petang saja”

Holy shit, I was stunned!
I promised my friend I will be there tomorrow.
So I called another company, my grandpap’s friend.
“Ma zai zha ki wu bor?” (Tomorrow morning got (ticket to KL) or not?)
“Bor la” (Nope…)

Oh my god I was lost again~
Then he said: “12:30am ai mai?” (12:30am want or not?)
What to do?
“Ai, lau ji tiao ho wa” (Want, reserve 1 for me)

I drove from Penang Island back to BM (mainland),
I took a shower at island’s house, when I departed it was already 11:30pm.
I manage to get the bus at last.
I don’t wanna share about the journey,
Coz I was sleeping that time.

I arrive Pudu at 5am.
No LRT, No Bus, Got Taxi la…
But who will want to take taxi?
I stay at Pudu till 6am.
And then I took the first LRT of the day,
Reach Kelana Jaya,
And then I took the first Rapid of the day,
Reach Sunway Pyramid.
It was 7:20am.

What shop will open for you?
No one…
So I found Starbuck, 7:30am, I slept until 9am.
Hahaha, ho liao or not? Si bui?
I’m the first customer of Starbuck that day.
Hot Latte extra shot!
But I still wait until 10am, because Sunway Pyramid starts their business at 10am.

1 ++ hour, I walked around the mall, 11:30am my friend reached.
We went to TGI Friday.
After that 1:30pm watched a movie.
We leave at 4:25pm.

I went to KLCC afterward.
Reach at 5pm.
I went to PC Fair since I don’t wanna get my Alpha so fast.
And I appointment with another friend at 7pm.
The PC Fair is damn huge, I was lost.
I asked for the map because I want to find CG’s booth.
I asked them: Where is CG booth har?
They said: Ermmm, no this booth wo…
I said: I’m pretty sure got because it is my company…
They said: Maybe they registered under another name?
I said: Then try Switch.
They said: No also… sorry.
I said: Nvm…

I gave up in the end, because it was too big and I already sweat like hell.
But you know? CG never went to KL PC Fair…
Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!
Shame on me!
Put an L on my forehead~

Never mind, the more interesting story is behind.
I then leave PC Fair at 6 something and went to Sony Style.
To get an Alpha.
I like know everything and ask the sales person until dunno want to answer what.
(I really know 1 ma…)
When I’m going to pay…
“Sorry Sir your card declined…”
“Ermm, try again…”
A moment….
“Sorry ar still decline, maybe you can call you bank and see”

Walao eh, you know how “sia sui” ar?
Like that also can, I asked many people they all say can City Bank give me this crap?
Haiz… nvm, I won’t beaten this easily, I will get you within this week my little Alpha, wait me!

The rest… no need to say already I think…
After that I met up my friend and had a dinner with her.
8 something I leave KLCC and 8:45pm I reach Pudu.
Grab a ticket of 9pm KL – Butterworth then I straight leave KL.

That’s all, end of my KL 1 day trip.
Damn sad because can’t get my Alpha.
But I’m happier on this trip because of the funny morning and delightful afternoon.

Thanks to all because of reading my craps.
Love you guys.

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