Friday, August 1, 2008

Before I start my story, something to share

I'm going to write a story.
An English one.
Specially for my beloved readers Mr.J & Mr.M.
They alway complain about I don't have enought english post,
so now I write a story, a beautiful one.
Hopefully I can finish it before you guys go to UK.
Wish that my story can makes you guys understand a little bit more about my beloved game - Final Fantasy.

I will write about Final Fantasy X (FF10).
It is not the best story among all Final Fantasy. It is because of every people has different point of view.
A lot of people said it was Final Fantasy VII (FF7), but for me, it is because of SquareEnix (SE) reproduce it.
And this stupid company is keep using FF7 to earn money, they make many new story come out, so it is just like an
"optic illusion", I don't know is this suitable to describe this situation or not.
But I hate not because of FF7 only, many other reasons I don't like.

Before SquareEnix, Final Fantasy is actually produce by Square Soft, from 1987, the year I born. until year 2000.
From Final Fantasy I (FF1) to Final Fantasy X (FF10). Bla bla bla, other craps I don't think you guys will want to know.
Even me also, but I'm sad if I talk about it, as a fans.

I just explain Square Soft and Enix.
Still remember a stupid movie called Final Fantasy - The Spirit Within?
This is a movie that produce by Square Soft and Columbia Pictures at year 2001.
Guess what? This movie is sucks... no people wanna watch.
End up with? They was at a loss and Square Soft's financial was red.

This time, our beloved Sony come out, they borrow Square Soft a big amount of money.
To help them fight for the last time. Ya, is last time.

Why Final Fantasy named Final Fantasy? Because 1987, FF's producer Mr. Sakaguchi Hironobu made FF out is to fight with
Dragon Quest. DQ was a very famous game of Enix. FF and DQ are both RPG.
Because the previous game of Square Soft was sucks and fail to fight in the market. They were just like what they face
10 years after. Mr. Sakaguchi Hironobu treats this game as his final hope. So named it Final Fantasy, but who knows,
today FF is so famous. Until the people who don't play games, they know what is FF.

This time, they fight for last time again, last hope again. They brought us, Final Fantasy X.
It will not surely is the best story, again. But I guarantee you, FF10 is the most beautiful, most sad story.
Everything is so perfect, yet it is so sad.
They (Square) know, they can't success easily this time. This time is even more critic than 10 years ago.
So they put all their efforts, all their spirit, all their lifes and tears inside,
to represent us a great and beautiful story, the Final Fantasy X.

The first game I cry for it, the first FF in sad ending, the FF that makes everyone know FF.
Yes, before FF7 Advent Children.

The great success of FFX doesn't bring enough money for Square Soft.
In the end, they merged with Enix in year 2003, named SquareEnix.
The end of my dream of FF, the end of Square Soft, the end of good FF.

Square Soft - Final Fantasy, Enix - Dragon Quest,
just like:
Microsoft - Windows, Apple - Mac.

See what Square Enix brought to us (fans), FFX-2? FF11? FF12? FF13? Which one is the good games? Sucks and sucks,
I really can't accept it, FF12? The best FF in the history? Review in the internet in the magazine doens't bring any
meaning for me. I can't accept Enix's character and monster inside my FF. As a fans. I played FF12, damn it.
SquareEnix is just keep showing how good is their CG (Computer Graphic, not Chau Ging...).
But do you really know, CG technology is from Square Soft?
FF7, FF7 Advent Children (fool most people), FF7 Last Order, FF7 Dirge of Cerberus, FF7 Crisis Core.... and a lot to come with FF7.

Fuck off Enix, can you please don't use FF7 to do those crap? I know it was good, Advent Children, Crisis Core, but you know?
Can you, please let my Cloud rest, let Sephiroth go back to the place where he should go.
I'm tired with FF7, you're fooling more and more people with FF7, why you just remake FF7? Previous FF not good enough?

So I'm not going to write FF7, although I know the story well. Because FF7 is one of my scar in my heart, and it is you Enix who cause it!

FFX, I will start tomorrow.
Please wait. It will be a novel form, with dialogues.
If there are still any problems about Square Soft, Enix and SquareEnix, please ask and I will asnwer you accordingly.


mtch said...

i understand ya feelin as a fan, bt u also has to understand a company dat wants to earn money. what if u r da boss?
also, not all fan think alike.

H e n r i c k said...

You really did a lot of research, nothing much to say on the merging between the 2 companies. But I do strongly agree with you that FFX was my favorite FF ever after FF8. And FFX is the only FF I have finished the entire story.

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

FF VIII's story line is actually quite bored and not much exciting parts. Ragnarok's appearance is 1 of the great part. And if you observe it, the whole story is keep talking about the Sorcerer, Laguna line or Squall line. Ending is also... come back with no reason...

FF VIII, they compare wit FF VII, in 1 year time, FF VIII's CG improvement is very huge different with FF VII. So it makes people feel that FF VIII is better, in term of graphic.

In-game system, both have their advantage. FF VII's Material system and FF VIII's Junction system are the most valuable part. And take quite some time to master too.

FF VIII, because of Faye Wong, it becomes famous too. I'm not saying FF VIII is no good, I start my FF dream from FF VIII. Just, as a fans, I love all of the FF. I just like to do comparison.

And FF IX is the saddest FF in the series. It born after FF VIII and before FF X... But you really get into it, it is a classic FF. Square Soft want to return to the classic. So they use FF II's scene in the game... they use most of the old musics in previous FF.

Graphic wise, FF IX is the best in Play Station that time. YES, better than FF VIII. But most of the people cannot accept the cartoon thing, big head and tiny body...

So call fate...

*p/s: wow, i write a lot, finally i know, i know a lot of Final Fantasy... good or bad? haha~

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

first paragraph, come back with no reason i actually mean Squall, because he already lost in the time black hole, but he finally appear in the Balamb Garden with Rinoa...

Yea, I love to see that ending, so i just don't have much comment on it.

H e n r i c k said...

Holla, long comments...

heh, you know alot. =) that's why FF8, I didn't finish the game.

YeeWei said...

chimmmmmmmmmmmm....FF is nice..
i love it..but i love 10 more than 8..haha..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

every series FF got their own good, i love every 1 of them. but really... FFX more, hahaha.