Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yes, I stuck in traffic jam when I came back from Penang Island, but because it was a raining day, so I can understand that.

But the problem was, when I reached BM something just wasn't right, because a lot of places were flood~

Then, the "ice snow smart"... ok la is smart... the smart panda which is me made a phone call back to home and mom told me: Don't come back! Go back to Island! The roads outside all flood.

OMG, I just came back from there but she asked me to go back, surely I won't follow that! So I ask my dad came to fetch me using his lorry. And I parked my car at another town.

Once I reached home I immediately took the photo, flood won't happen everyday, and of course I don't want to flood! But the photos were a bit blur because of low light. I will capture more photos if the rain stop tomorrow.

Finally, god bless me, and my home~

我的家 - My house...

路面情况 - The road condition...

咖啡粉叔叔的车 - Kopi Hun (Coffee Powder) Uncle's Wira

依然是路面情况 - The road condition as well...

家外面的水桶 - Pail outside my house


家里的情况 - My house's condition

看不到水吧?- Can't see the water right?

拍得详细一点 - Let's zoom in

再来 - Again

睡觉前拍的,水位又涨了一点 - Captured before I sleep, water level increase a bit

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