Saturday, September 6, 2008

Path to become a Photographer

Ya I know my face is thick... please don't throw me any smelly socks, shoes, tomatoes, eggs or etc...
This is my first post of photography, so please give face a bit...
Any good or bad comments I will accept it, but I'm just a newbie, just don't shoot me too pain...
Use NERF to shoot enough, please don't use Paintball Gun...

Okay, 3 photos I upload.
I captured them when I was waiting Marshall to fetch me to HQ for the gathering this morning.
It was damn bored because I wait at the road side.
So I just simply shoot.
So sad I shoot quite many but just few photos are consider "Can See".




Finally, thanks for viewing my blog.
Maybe there are more photos to come, I will edit this post later.
Bye, cheers~


Chi-Hao said...

people said a picture can said a thousand words
and a picture also will show what a photographer feel at the moment he or she take a picture. I dont know what your feeling that moment, but what i want to said is a good work from you. I pretty like the sunlight and blue sky pic and frankly speaking i dont like the water pic. Beside that, i also like the lan tian pic from the earlier blog, i think it is also taken by you right and also and funny editing from the pic I'm sick
can wait to see more good art work from you
keep up the good work.

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

haha, but tell u wat, i love the "water" the most...

and the "lan tian" original picture is at the post below ya, n the banner of my blog is crop from that
picture u know?

dun worry chi-hao, i will alway post picture now on, haha last time got ppl said my blog is boring bcoz no pictures.

Jia Hua said...

Hello!! I want more :D

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

Haha, more to come don't worry~

chloe choo said...

They are nice =)

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

thanks Chloe, i wanted to drop a "Hi" in ur blog but no chat box there.
thanks again and come to visit my blog always~
hav a nice day~

ermm, the I'm Sick photo is edited yes, but if u think the tissue paper that stick in my nose is edited 1(means add on la) then u r wrong d, coz i really stick the tissue paper in my nose,hahahaha~
I think i upload the bigger size up later on la :)