Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I Did Last Chinese New Year (Part 1)

Part 1 - 年初四篇之我家捞生

Hello, I'm back, I was disappear for 1 week time...
Miss me?
Hehe... busy ma... CNY... need to play, need to eat, need to drink, and need to work... =.="
And the fact is, I enjoyed, and gain weight lo... T.T
K, stop bullshitting, let you guys see What I Did Last Chinese New Year!

This part is...
Date = 4th January of Lunar Calender
Location = my house
Activity = "lao sheng"
Members = all Jit Sin High School students

Thomas, Chee Siang

Hee Peng, Kenly

Soon Siang, Siew Lean

Chi-hao, Yu Han

Li Xin, Ming Yang

Kok Wei, Chee Guan

Soon Siang and Yu Han~

Scary Chee Guan =.=

Siew Lean and Soon Siang~

Lean and Siang is not couple... pls take note...

What a mess!

S.Siang is so excited until can't see his eye^^

Ming Yang and Li Xin~ Yes they are coouple...

Yu Han, Miss Korea~

"Yee Shang"

Just before started

1st Shot

2nd one...


Final Shot!

Lou ar Lou ar Lou ar~

Okay, its the time to ciak~

"Wei, left some for me!"

And this is, after~

You might think that the "yee shang" is just a little.
Yea you're right!
But what we need, is not food.
What we want is fun, and happy.
We are friends~
Forever Friends~

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Chi-Hao said...

i agree we are forever friends
no one can take over these from us