Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I Did Last Chinese New Year (Part 2)

Part 2 - 年初五篇之Jason家晚宴+饯别+赌局+酒会+欢乐时光!

Ahem, just the next day of my house's lao sheng.
I went to Jason's house for his farewell dinner, and CNY dinner too.
Gambling and liquor are something that cannot "miss" la...
But photos of gambling cannot post here, hehe~
We had fun till about 5am that night I think, or 4am... forget d...

This part is...
Date = 5th January of Lunar Calender
Location = Jason's house
Activity = Farewell Dinner for Jason, CNY Dinner
Members = Jason's secondary school's friends, PSDC's friends, CG Crews.

Wow, try to zoom in my face, I sweat a lot!

Because of my mom's special recipe Tom Yam!

King Julian~

Queen of Gambler - Yonn Vernn!

Chia and Kok Soon

They are lovely couple~

This prove that Jason wasn't touch anyone^0^

Yonn Vernn was drunk... see her face...

Chia and me~

Nice portrait shot - Benjamin

Yonn Vernn again~


Okay, 1st shot

Another pose~


^^ Love this~

Took when Ben was about to leave...

Oh My Gosh!

Vonne and Vernn~

Julian is so cute =.=

Panda Boss!

This pic... tak mau comment...

So lovely... ^^

Urghh... dun cubit me...

Panda act cute...

Fan in Jason's house

So, this was another meaningful day for me in CNY.
So happy that I got so many friends.
At least, I got them even I without a girl friend, hehe~
But, they are leaving soon, Jason, Yvonne, Julian...
Anyway, wish you guys good luck!
And good luck to me too~
I will upload few more photos tomorrow morning after get another photos from Vonne.
Stay tune~

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