Saturday, February 7, 2009

What I Did Last Chinese New Year (Part 4.2)

Part 4.2 - 年十二篇之槟城一日游 @ Starbucks Coffee, Gurney Plaza

Well, after Toy Museum, it was still early, so we went to Gurney Plaza.
Vonn Vernn joined us after her study.
I actually looking for a watch, I think that it is the time for me to wear a watch.
Guy like me, working already but still without a watch looks weird... (i know the reason is lousy!^^)
But want to get a watch that really suit me is hard ya...
Pretty one, too expensive, cheap one, too ugly...
SEIKO? Many people asked me to get it...
Never mind, not rush, find it slowly. I will get it.

This part is...
Date = 12th January of Lunar Calender
Location = Starbucks Coffee, Gurney Plaza
Activity = Farewell trip for Jason & Kok Wei, Shopping, Have Fun~
Members = Jason, Chi Hwa, Julian, Yvonne, Vonn Vernn, Kok Wei


Julian with his drinks and an odd face =.=

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, powerful compact camera, own by Jason

Jason & Yonn Vernn

Enjoy playing it ya...

Top: Violent Vernn
Bottom: Silent Vonne

Top: Chi Hwa captured me by Alpha
Bottom: Self-captured by Cyber-Shot

"What the F?"

"Goodbye Kiss?"

King Julian

Queen Yvonne

Top: Yonn Vernn
Bottom: Chi Hwa

"What r u looking at?"

It was so gay ~.~

Speechless me...

All in Black

"So sweet~"


Chi Hwa with my Alpha

My drinks

Just a simple shot by my Cyber-Shot

Well, we had our tea break in Starbucks for almost 2 hours.
After that, where are we going?
Stay tune, part 4.3 is coming soon.

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