Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lonely Christmas

Yo, Merry Christmas, again~
At Year 2008.
As usual, I celebrate this day with myself.
Lonely Christmas.
But different with last time.
I do not feel unhappy or uncomfortable.
Maybe I do.
But just do not think about it.
Then it should be okay.

This afternoon shopping with Rebecca.
Bought the things that required to cook spaghetti.
Because I'm going to eat spaghetti at this Christmas.
Mom went to China, Sis went to Bro's house. Dad... no need say la...
So nobody will going to cook me Christmas dinner.
And I become chef tonight.
Don't look me down k?
I know how to cook 1 lo~

Below are what I bought:
But at last I not using the ketchup because the spaghetti sauce is great enough.

I'm not going to write how I cook it.
Because it is not a special thing, many of you can make it better than me.
So I will just skip skip skip the process.
And ta da~
Here comes my spaghetti~

I can't believe that it is only my first try but I make it perfectly.
It is so so so tasty!
Or you can say that spaghetti is easy to cook =.="
But however, I'm really enjoy that.
p/s: It can serves 3 person, but I finish it alone, wahahahahahaha!!!

Lastly, proudly present the first video in my blog.
A Christmas song from Eason Chan - Lonely Christmas.
Wish everyone Merry Christmas~
Especially the one who celebrate alone, like me~


teary_elf said...

u got cham maggi tomato sauce into it meh?

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

no lo at last...
feel that the taste will be different after mix so i no mix.
n i satisfy with the original taste!
yummy yummy~

teary_elf said...

of course la..
who introduce u the sauce de u knw?
is ME le..
eat eat eat..
fat fat la..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

erm... fat ma fat lo...
i thin or fat oso no ppl wan 1 la...

teary_elf said...

career first la.. nothing is more important than moneyless..