Saturday, December 6, 2008

Panda is Busy

Ugh... I'm back~
Yea... I'm still alive, luckily.
Still that fat... still that handsome as well~

I'm going to become a Switcher for one week time already.
I'm trying my best to switch myself into an Apple Guy.
But my heart and my soul were telling me that I'm a Sony Man.
Aiks... but Apple is my job now, shit!
Never mind, I will go back to Queensbay next Monday & Wednesday, working yes, work in QB.
2 sifus there will teach me everything about Apple, they are Shen U & Pikachu.

New working environment, New (another) brand, New crews, New Style.
Anyway, position is remains, still a store PIC.
Everyone is great, helpful, friendly, and funny.
I leave SQ, I leave Ben & YM.
I now at SU, I know new Ben & new YM.
Hehe~ They are as nice as QB one.
Think can save money after move back to BM.
Crews here are all super enjoy people.
Almost hari hari Starbucks, if not syok syok Domino's Pizza.
And the problem is, PIC need to pay, what the~
I work SQ for 1 year but I never treat my crews Starbucks (exclude you YM~)
I work here for 2nd day I need to pay 2 cups of coffee for my 2 lovely female crews~
But they are worth to treat, cause they are hardworking.

Okay, here's the report of my working schedule this week.
If not you guys will say don't know what am I doing.
Or don't know I "die go where".

Monday, 9am I appeared in HQ.
After meeting I went to Tanjung Bunga took lunch with Cedric, Joanne and Jason.
After that went to Gurney, DO stock.
Settle everything then we left Penang Island.
5pm reached SU, worked till 8pm.
End of my day.

Tuesday, nothing special.
Worked from 4pm - 10pm.

Wednesday was my official off day.
But... I went to Penang Island as well.
DO to Gurney (again), then took lunch with Jason in Kim Gary.
After that went to Queensbay, watch movie "Beast Stalker".
With Juli and her boy friend, and Jason.
It was the very first chinese movie that make me feel impact.
It was nice, watch it. Starring Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, Zhang JingChu.
After movie was almost 12am. End my day after back home.

Thursday was a nightmare.
12pm I appeared in HQ.
I worked until 12am, yes 12 hours.
I went to Gurney 3-4 times.
Ching Hou fetched me, I drove company's Hilux...
What the... I even need to take stocks to PISA PC Fair.
But John and Jason treated Kim Gary, so ok la.
2 days, I went Kim Gary twice ^^
After dinner and DO stock from Gurney, went back to HQ at about 10pm.
Did everything that needed, until 12am.
John and Ching Hou treated Tiger Beer.
The way home, I was a bit drunk.
I took ferry, but I was wrong.
I wait for almost 20 minutes until the ferry arrived, shit!
When I reached Butterworth, I drove very fast.
So my fuel is gone today...
I immediately slept after I checked e-mail. (Yea... is work!)

Friday, haha, I work 10am - 10pm.
That's all.
Need explain?
No need, for those who know you will know how bored and tired if you work full day in a outlet.
Especially I'm already working under a tired condition.
But I sold my first MacBook, hurray~
Never expect I can sell a MacBook.

Then today, Saturday.
10am - 10pm, again.
Today got 1 hour time my outlet got 7 staffs, wow!
But SU is big enough, so no worry.
And Linda Chung come to Sunway Carnival today.
My sis takes some of her photos.
Now, 12:17am. I'm writing this long post.

Linda Chung

WTF is this???

Before I end my day, before I end my post.
Tomorrow, Sunday, again I work from 10am - 10pm.
So god, and my beloved friends, wish me good luck!
So that I can "tahan" until tomorrow night.
After that, I will be free.
Oh yes... after PC Fair, should be has a dinner at Penang Island...
Shit, I need to go to Penang Island again tomorrow night, WTF!!!
But eat free, okay la!

Lastly, Good Night to everyone.


mtch said...

i wan da life u havin.. bt i noe m here for a better good. lol..

anyway, miss all u n da hustle over there.

i miss qb.. i mis gsc.. i miss free dinner afta pc fair.

btw, female crew in su, SOK bo?

rest well!

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

haha, ok ok la... like shen u said, island crew can easily smoke them la, hahaha~

not enuf rest ar, haiz... next week onwards oni can rest well...

Anonymous said...

wad is smoke?

i oso went to c linda at qb....
today yang yi at gurney!!!!!

waaaaa.. love her!!!

mtch said...

smoke is win d... like u chase a car, if u behind da car u c smoke, so u lost.


Tinky said...

then easily smoke them tu apa?

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

easily smoke means...

cin cin cai cai oso win.

means, island's female crews cin cin cai cai oso win mainland's female crews...

Tinky said...


P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

haha,agree lo...

u saw my staffs before mer?

H e n r i c k said...

Wow... didn't know you have SWITCHED! :P

Really long time didn't read your blog liao. Congratulations in joining Apple anyway :)

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

erm... Apple ya... i love Sony more ler...

but... CG Switch is far more better than CG Sony la...

so bo pian, coz i need to eat...

H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. ic ic...

So what about your previous dream to take the Cad course in KL? Cancelled?

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

yea cancel d.

i discussed with my lecturers and they not encourage me to take the course.

besides, there are a lot of stories behind summore, haha.

YuV said...

OI!! how come din spend me.. i also damn hardworking leh... maileh... can sell macbook even when i'm not there(even though sales go away *sweat* LOL)

mtch said...

don come here tell ppl how good u r at work, sales go away means u got nth as well. no credit.
Showing off nth? u'v got sum balls n thick face skin.

annoying attitude.