Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Town Kopitiam @ Auto City 081214

Today is A.Y.Ling birthday. (I don't know 1...)
After badminton this morning, T.C.Siang suggested to go to Auto City for a gathering.
And we all agreed.
L.K.Leng said that today is also Ling's birthday, so we took this opportunity to celebrate for her. (Just like last year at Xuan Xin)
Tonight is a great night, happy to see everyone gather around, come back from University anywhere.
Gathering, or meeting that only once or twice in a year, is very meaningful for us.
To appreciate, to enjoy, to see everyone's smiling face.
Update each other, make fun, gossip, and so on.

Everyone is talking non-stop

I like this pic ler...

Ergh... what are you looking at? :)

What are they looking at? I forget d, coz I'm looking at the camera~

Happy Birthday~

Say Cheers~


Couple of the night~

Handsome Guys & Pretty Girls

A.Y.Ling, L.K.Leng,
S.S.Mei, K.K.Lee
S.H.Peng, T.S.Lean

T.S.Hooi, T.C.Siang
, S.E.Peng
(From Top to Bottom)

For those who are not it.
Don't worry, CNY is near, will meet again ya!
Good night everyone in the pic,
And sweet dream to everyone of you,


Chi-Hao said...

walao so siok
got chance to gathering

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

aiya... cny got 1 more time la... dun worry...