Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The world is not fair - special post for Mr. J & Mr. M

Firstly, why related to Mr. J? It is because it was the topic we discussed just now.
Secondly, why related to Mr. M? It is because I finally write an english post in my Blogspot.

Not I don’t want to write english post, but you guys know my standard… it is just there.
Haha and Mr. M was right, the post I want to write must all in mandarin, if not the “bi sor” (smell) cannot come out, yeah~

Okay let’s back to the topic, the world is not fair.
Yes it is not, I knew it since long long time ago.
Don’t ever ask,
Why I’m not rich enough?
Why I’m not handsome enough?
Why you treat me not good enough?
Why you treat them better?
You know, there are no answers.

Fair? It is not fair, that’s why woman can pregnant but man can’t.
That’s why ugly man can always has plenty of pretty girl friends.

Think this way,
How or what should we do to make the thing looks better.
It is kinda of self improvement.

Don’t expect people can give us anything, but think of what can we give to people.
And don’t expect for rewards too.

Maybe you think he changed lately.
I think so too.
I’m not on anyone’s side.
Not because he is someone special to me.
Because you are also someone special to me.
Just, think that he is tired.
Well, he is actually tired but maybe you can’t feel it cause he never shows how tired is he.
Is that sounds nicer?
At least you won’t feel that bad.

I told him what you told me just now.
I think he did think about it after that.
I talk to him seriously,
I tell him how you feel.
Just give him time.
Don’t think the stupid thing that he looks down at you just because you’re not working.
It’s nonsense!

Lastly, always think about it, world is not fair.
Don’t blame him of giving you less time than others.
If so, blame another thing.
For me, I will blame why my love is not coming yet.
I will blame why my money is not enough yet.
I will blame why my weight is not losing yet.
And a lot.

So, to survive in this cruel world,
Must first save yourself.
To blame why this and that not coming to you,
Why don’t you try to reach them?
Understand what I mean right?

Like you said, you must start to change your blogging style,
Yes it is a good sign,
You sure will have more reader after you write something special.

Last but not least,
I know maybe the title is not that related to my post.
Ya that’s why I don’t want to write english post.
English no good what…
But I write this, is especially for you Mr. J,
Let’s work hard on it.

Mr. M, this is my english post, have a look on it, J

Cheers, friend.


JarrydNg said...

Hm... thanks for the advice and honouring my special request. I shall think long and hard about this. I appreciate your views.

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

let's work hard together...

dun worry be happy!

H e n r i c k said...

"If there's a wall, we break it down! If there's no path, we make one with these hands!"

- Kamina & Simon (abstracted from "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" anime)

The world is not fair, but whatever we want to achieve, we do it with our own hands.

Just like if you want a fried chicken, you gotta catch chicken and prepare raw meterials, it won't fall down from the sky.

mtch said...

thx for being in english. but i think the world is fair, is because we cant c all, no1 can. ... panda, u might not agree, v hav different

mtch said...

btw, i don c u so much too, does dat mean i also change? act like him? lol... tell me no man...

JarrydNg said...

Uh dude... if i wanted fried chicken i go to this place called KFC, they have fried chicken there. Raw materials?? its just fried chicken not rocket science lol.....Joking no offence intended.

H e n r i c k said...

No offence either, if you want a KFC, you got to drive there, you can't fly there don't you. If you don't have a car, you gotta buy one. If you don't have money to buy a car, you gotta walk there with your bare foots. Everything you want to do, there's always a first step you need to undertake, either it be sacrifice or effort. This is the actual world, the object won't fall down from the sky for you.

H e n r i c k said...

And btw, every single things comes with raw materials, even KFC does need raw materials to produce the fried chickens. Guess I no need to elaborate more, feel free to google it for KFC raw materials if you want to. No offence intended. Cheers. =)

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

hey hey, it's good to c my blog so lao zuak, an english post can make so many ppl come comment, good good.

yoh! this world, fair or not, define by urself. if u feel it is enuf, then fair, if u feel not satisfy, then no.

every ppl has different comment, different point, different view. there are no right or wrong. J u got ur point, M u got ur point, H u got ur point. Me oso got my point.

yo i m dizzy now i dun even know what m i writing, perhaps i will write better in mandarin, sucks man.

conclusion, since it is no right or wrong, we shall discuss btw each other, absorb the right thing n throw away the wrong thing. coz u r not surely correct all n u r not surely mistake all, agree?

we r not god, no 100% perfect.

learn from mistake, learn from others.

is my comment related? doesnt matter la, dun care...

H e n r i c k said...

Yes, just depends on what kind of perspective we are looking at when we say fair or not fair.

In conclusions, absorbs others people's thoughts, digest it and do what we think it's right in our mind.