Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boring Panda Funny Post

Today is a boring day.
I sleep until 2:30pm.
If not Big Head Jun called me, I think I will sleep till 4:30pm... =.=" (don't sweat please...)

Wake up, turn on my laptop, online...
Set up a PayPal account, because almost every website that I want to shop accept only PayPal payment, knn...
The whole day, shopping online (eBay), playing games (FIFA 09), chatting (MSN)...
WTF is the life like this huh?

Lazy and lazy and lazy...
Want go out to shoot, but the weather is stopping me for doing that.
Not raining, but the sky is not blue enough...
My next assignment is Blue and Green, so without a blue sky, no need to go out la...

eBay the whole day, until now I'm still clicking on eBay.
Guan Lai... No need to buy a RM2000 Macro Lens to capture macro shot. Just buy close up lens settle...
Guan Lai... Filter Kit is so cheap only, but Sony sells at RM500...
Guan Lai... Tamron and Sigma not the only 3rd party, still got a lot lot lot of 3rd party brand who produce Lens, Kits, Flash, Accessories...
Guan Lai... eBay selling things are so cheap! (Of course la all 3rd party, today I see only camera thing...)
Guan Lai... Shopping at eBay is so damn fun!

Know so many Guan Lai today,
and learned a lot of camera knowledge.
Just waiting for my credit card to confirm in PayPal then I will buy the Filter Kits, knn RM6x only... shit!
Suddenly hate Sony a lot...

*Guan Lai = 原来, who know how to explain in English please translate it, thanks~

Lastly, something about α (Alpha).
People normally compare Sony with Canon and Nikon.
But as Mars said, the people normally know only Sony, Canon and Nikon but don't know there are still Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Sigma and so on who make D-SLR.

I'm not here to argue what so good of my camera or α .
Well, if you read preview enough.
Normally α get a comment calls "Great Value" camera.
With this price, you can get this spec, so calls great value.
If you want to compare it to the higher end camera, it is not fair to α .
RM1699 Sony α 200 + DT3.5-5.6/18-70 Kits Lens and RM28,999 Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Body only.
You say EOS is better? Definitely yes la... shit!
In the preview, α always beat the same range cameras with one thing, "Great Value".
That's all I want to say.
If you want to compare the others, body kah... lens kah... technology kah...
Read preview yourself, and definitely I will not say α is the best here.

And again if you read preview enough.
α 's color tones is the nearest to what our eyes see among all brands.
But normally people would like to see vivid color, so call "ka sui" (more pretty).
Mars, copy your word again,
"ka sui", is not REAL, it is VIVID.
Like it or hate it, this is α.
And this is the α attitude.

Last lastly...
Why I choose α ?
1st, α cheap... (Ahem... is great value ^^)
2nd, Love Sony.
3rd, α is a combination between Konica Minolta and Sony.

I have 3 cameras so far in my life.

1st Konica Minolta Dimage X31

2nd Sony Cyber-Shot T50

3rd Sony Alpha α 200

Until I realise that, I already own this 3 cameras.
I do not plan anything before I bought these 3.
But Konica Minolta came first, Sony second.
And finally they merge and come out α .
I bought α then.
So I would like to say, this is all fate.
The fate is, I can't leave this 2 brands.
Or, they choose me.

Friends who want to buy D-SLR, normally I will tell them go for Canon and Nikon.
Because the sky is so high~

Thanks for reading, good night.


mtch said...

i agree wit you fully.
but i wont hate sony cz is expensive.
i love it for 1 of da reason, expensive, so not much or normal ppl wil hav it.

Tinky said... freak

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

ya, I'm~