Thursday, November 13, 2008

SDS Conference 2008 (Updated)

Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I am busy recently.
For those who miss me a lot, thanks for missing me.
For those who don't, please hit the wall that nearest to you.

Where I went this few days?
I was actually enjoy and suffer past 2 days...
Yeah, I went to KL.. again...

There was a SDS Conference held at The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley at 11th Nov.
SDS = Sony Designated Store.
That day, I slept at 1am, wake up at 5am, because my flight was 7:15am...
Reached KLIA at 9am due to the delay of the flight, after that straight move towards The Gardens.

Early in the morning, Sony already gave me a great news!
Yea, Sony Time is back after 2 months + !!!

The Cover

Inside the new Sony Time, there are a lot of new products info which can make me "wet",
such like VAIO TT, AW, Z, CS... all the new series, and PS3 of course~
For Bravia lovers, new series of Bravia Z is launching as well, please keep an eye on it~

The Contents~

(L) VAIO, (R) Bravia

(L) Alpha, (R) Play Station

Bear in mind, new Sony Time is start from 15th Nov 08 - 31st Jan 09,
but I already get it on 11th Nov, hehehehehehe~
For those who can remember this...

Sony Time Diary Book

Now Sony is proudly present you this~

Sony Time Notebook

With more simple and stylish design, it looks classy.

After lunch at The Gardens, we continue the products, sales talk, value talk, bla bla bla...
John, my mananger who only knows Apple, totally helpless there and wish to sleep :)
So, let's have a tea break~


and me~

After that all stupid things, it was already 5:30pm.
If you think the story is end like this, then you are properly wrong...

John was dizzy, but he can't do anything about it, haha, why?
Because there was a dinner at Bangsar (I don't know what mall is that, I just know the restaurant's name calls Ming Room Restaurant).

Ermm, the food wasn't bad.
But this was the first time I feel "SOCIAL" in my real life, after I start to work.
Food was not important for them that night, what they concern about were liquor, alcohol....
The dinner was actually end at 9:30pm, but when the bus start to move back to Mid Valley, it was already about 11pm, and Mr.John was about to faint. ^^

After we reached hotel...
Oh yea, I don't know what was Sony thinking about, the conference was at The Gardens,
but our hotel is Boulevard, which located at another side of Mid Valley...
Haiz, never mind, I no need to pay a single cent...
Walk a bit then.
It had been a long long long time I never over night in a 4 stars hotel :)

My TZ feels excited too in Boulevard

That night, we went out to the Starbucks (work ar, no need do meh, check mail and everything... haiz)
The time we actually slept, was 1am.

THE END of 1st Day

2nd Day, we wake up at 8am.
After having the breakfast, a seminar of new launching VAIO at 29th floor @ The Gardens.
Again, in John's mind, only Mac...
But I was so so so excited!
After lunch, we went to Sony EMCS (so call Sony Factory la...) at KL.
Once we get in the factory, it was raining~
Yeah I know the factory is not open air one, there is no worry~
But we captured a group photo just before we went it, haha, like they already know it will rain.

So bad no camera is allowed in the factory, if not...
I think everyone will busy on snapping photos on how they produce Blu-ray player, Bravia and etc...
As a Mechanical Engineering student, I work in a sales field now which totally not related to my study.
The visit of the Sony EMCS, I finally know, what am I "supposingly" to do.
And I no regret to work as a sales person.
After this conferene, I know that...
I am the youngest Sony Centre store manager in whole Malaysia.
Yes, I'm proud, and happy :)
I know what I say now is different with last time, but this is what I feel now.
So, I just keep the feel~

Teng Teng Teng~
What is this?

A complimentary from Sony?

Yeah, it is the group photo~

Can't see me above? Now you can~

Finally, I want to shout, I'M DAMN TIRED!!!
I arrived Penang at 8pm yesterday night.
No time for me to rest in this 2 days,
no time for me the settle down this 2 days.
I straight went back to BM for a good sleep.
My eye look like Panda~

But I am happy, I learn a lot of thing.
Not only Sony Time, not only new products, not only knowledge of Sony...
I learn social as well.
It was a nice trip.
Thanks to Sony,
Thanks to CG.
Thanks to God, why?
Becaues it is all fate, that I can attend to this conference.

Flight Tickets

My Name Tag

Good bye everyone.
Thank you very much if you read until here.
It is long, and boring maybe.
But it is meaningful for me.

Good night~


mtch said...

keep all da sony time merchandise for me if u can.. i don wanna miss them. keep 2 copy of Sony Time magazine 2.

Tinky said...

hahahaha.. i saw 1 comment and expected is from marshall...

u arrrr... wear shirt oso din wear properly..

mtch said...

tinky, u talk like as if u r his sum1.. special.
ngek ngek ngek..

Chi-Hao said...

walao come to kl again!!!
and go "the garden" very siok
that place go toilet also have to pay 5 ringgit

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

Kong: Okay leave it to me. I forget to mention in my post, I have no time to go to Mid Valley in this 2 days, so I no ask for you about your HDD, paiseh.

YM: I told you why d~ ^^

Chi-Hao: ya la, actually I want to try the RM5 eh toilet 1, coz I can get the pass card to masuk free. But I'm rushing to Sony EMCS that time, so bo pian...

Anonymous said...

hahahha... apa la u ini marshall

H e n r i c k said...

Wow... what a fantastic sony conference you have there. I wasn't expect John to be there for this too as I know he will definitely fall zzzz :P No wonder that day I received his email that he will be in KL and have limited access lah :) Wow... got liquor and alcohol, free ar? It's been awhile I didn't drink d :P

Guess what? I am also in KL the time you in KL too, but I am attending a 1 month course, so currently I am still in KL until mid of December, if you happen to come down to KL, ring me up! I am staying with Steven at the moment :)

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

icic, i will definitely go to KL always, KL is like my 2nd home, hahaha~

actually is Winson and me, but Winson is busy with Gurney New Wing, he not even stay in HQ often recently.

Liquor... free for sure, Sony so rich...