Monday, November 17, 2008

Hiking to Pantai Keracut & Sungai Tukun

Sunday, what a beautiful Sunday~
Sunday, is my sleeping day, it is my only off day~
But, Mr. Ong called me on Saturday night and asked me go to Pantai Keracut, hiking~
Erm... since I never hiking before, and I heard people said that Pantai Keracut is a damn pretty place, there is another name calls "The End of The World".
So ergh... ok la I just agree to go with them.

That stupid Mr. Ong was overslept yesterday and make everything delay 1 hour in our original plan.
So end up we arrived there at 10am.
After registration... yeah you need to register your car number and your name in order to let them find you if you are lost in the jungle.
Erm.. so after registration, we start our hiking~

Welcome to Penang National Park

Beach is on our right

After the hanging bridge...

We finally start the hiking~

Please don't look at me and move~

The journey will takes 45 minutes to arrive. But after 15 minutes, something happened...

Someone was down, and it is me... Mr. Panda...

See my face, so "chan"~
They said maybe I not taking any breakfast so only I feel sick...
Mr. Ong said Pantai Keracut is too tough for first time hiker...
But I know what are you guys thinking now... ;)
Yea I'm fat, I'm not healthy... T.T
I admit it, so I already decide to train myself today onwards!
And come join me now!!!
I swear I will go to Pantai Keracut 1 day!!!

So end up, after taking a short break,
They worried that I will die on the roadside (in the jungle)... :)
So we patah balik and walked back.
There was a T junction before you can start hiking.
Turn left to Pantai Keracut and right to Sungai Tukun.
Sungai Tukun takes only 20 minutes and no need to "climb" a lot.
So we went to Sungai Tukun~

A shot from a "Pondok Rehat" before Sungai Tukun

Mr. Ong with spec and behind is Mr. Yew.

After another hanging bridge~

We finally arrive our destination - Sungai Tukun

Which 1 nicer?

Everyone are happy to stare on the water... =.="

"See the water, clean ler~"
"Clean... drink la stupid~"
"Come come come, play water~"
"Ahem... dip leg only?"
"Ergh... wanna swim?"
"Okay, you swim I swim!"

I also forget who give this suggestion already, but...

Egg & Golden are the 2 who take off their shirts and pants first...

(L) Egg & (R) Golden

But before Golden take off his pants... Can you see where Egg is?

Golden shoot me while I shoot them~

Egg's Olympus camera, water proof and shock proof, damn it!!!

Ms. Lee still dipping her leg...

Actually she is waiting for me to jump inside the pool...

My Nike Air Force 1 Lucha Libre

Finally Ms. Lee also jump inside...

Aiya, let me shoot for you guys~

Say cheers~

(L) Golden, (R) Yin Huey and her boy friend William

After playing water, William is staring on the underwears...

"Faster dry la... I want to wear liao..."

Top - Lim Wei Lian aka William Castle
Center - Yew Yu Aik aka Ah Egg
Bottom Left - Lee Yin Huey aka Huey Jie (Sis Huey)
Bottom Right - Ong Houng Guan aka Golden

The sadness of a photographer is, you can never see them in the photo :(
But, the memory is immutability~

After 2 and half hours, we went home at about 12:30pm

Thank you, see you again~
Next time, it will be Pantai Keracut!

Above, is how I pass my last weekend.
Thanks for reading my long story again.
If you feel the fun too, next time we go together ;)


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha.. i wan laugh u...
sao xing nia u..
i wan go.... jio me next time.. faster go train now.. december bring me go taiping and keracut.. hahahaha..

mtch said...

i gian go.. tropical!!!

nex tym when m back, u hav to bring me..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

YM: December wan go 2 places lo...
Tulip Farm is a promise so is for sure 1 mai kia...
Keracut dio... not say cannot, coz no need money 1, but i need "body", hahahaha, let me train become keat keat first~

Kong: ok la, when u back, i think i keat keat d, wahahahaha~


Anonymous said...

lol.... marshall oso training there?
let me c u both keat keat eh look...
I'm so looking forward to it.. hahahahaha..