Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night @ Gurney Seaside

Tonight is Halloween Night, Ch'ng calls everybody out, surprisingly almost everyone is able to make it!
Let me see... participants tonight are:
Tec Ch'ng
Houng Guan
Yin Huey
Yu Aik
Lik Yen
Eng Seng

Houng Guan (Oops Ch'ng is at the bottom right in the picture~)

Houng Guan & William

William & Yin Huey

Ch'ng & Theng

All Black~

Yea, I'm Black too~

We are PSDC students!

1 more shot, but Eng Seng, where are you looking at?

In my memory, we never have this big gathering anymore after graduate.
Everyone is busy, on their work, on their study, or even oversea...
So at last, we have fun at Gurney seaside after having our dinner there.
Talk, bluff, bomb and laugh~
I believe, tonight is great for everyone~

Love you guys~
Cheers :)

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