Friday, March 27, 2009

Grandpap's Birthday Dinner

Erm... ntg much to say about this dinner.
Just do few simple shots.


Testing on Wireless Flash 1

Testing of Wireless Flash 2

can you see something come out from the flash??

Sister in law

Auntie & Niece

Sister & Nephew


Family photo

erm, basically I tried my flash on this dinner la...
and ermm... I'm not very satisfy with the result la...
coz I get it at about 7pm then shoot on 9pm, no time to learn yet...
anyway, I love my new flash.
it makes my photo looks warm.

Teng teng teng~ HVL-F58AM~

hehe, can twist 1 lo...

Please comment of the flash.
Unit itself, and the photo's quality, or any improvement needed.
Okay, end my post.

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