Sunday, March 8, 2009

Night at 090308

There was a guy who stand on the road side just now start from 1:30am,
and nearly hit by a car XD
Just to take few shots of night scene.
Below are the results.





Anonymous said...

yeng wor...
got edit with ps wan ar?

Anonymous said...

no, with windows picture editor nia, i adjusted the contrast & brightness.

Anonymous said...

is real color, i juz enhance it.

Rachael.C said...

In my opinion, I think that the grass is too bright.

Since you said its a night scene, I think you should focus more on the moon not the grass..,

I love the blue sky, but the grass kinda spoil the unity of the pic.. is like the sky grows grass lol. maybe you should make the grass a lil dim and a lil blur in certain parts. So the pic will look much better.

Well, its just my idea. I'm sorry if I have offend you in any way.

Good trying! :)

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

i accept any comments, dun worry ^^

erm... about the grass, i will take note of it. because for editing part, i m totally a noob. i never learn any editing skill, hehe.

focusing, i was using infinite focus (manual focus). i have no choice as the condition of light is too low n my lens's aperture is not big enuf. i cant get a shot in auto focus mode, so the focusing is not accurate enuf. this is wat i need to improve and learn as well.

btw, shot without a tripod (coz i lazy to take out, haha), with extremely low light condition, my camera juz absorb the moon light, and thanks to the ISO as well. I able to get this pic.

finally, the conclusion i get is, don't lazy to bring tripod out if u wan to shoot night scene. and of course, with a better lens if it is possible.

thanks again for the comment, i will keep on trying more new shots~

good night.

Jia Hua said...

Hey man, it is very good :) All the detail was captured. It looks good although taken without the tripod. What's the exposure time?

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

1 & 2
18mm 0.6" F3.5 ISO1600

45mm 1/15 F5.6 ISO400

erm, actually it juz look nice when the size is small, u try to click on it n c the large image, there are a lot of noises.

but without tripod, i m satisfy with this shot.

Jia Hua said...

Hmm.. ISO1600 is still at a high level.. Why no you just leave it on the ground and set to a even lower ISO and shutter speed. You may achieve what you want without the tripod.

teary_elf said...

wei.. u copy from me ah? yellow mia.. aiyo..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

jia hua: no live view ar... summore the road is wet. anyway, i will try wat u suggest next time.

reb: no lo sorry har...