Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Losing the Virginity Tonight...

Who lost the virginity?
Hehe, not me... is my DSLR...
I will tell you why later on, please view through my photos first.

Gundam Exia in action

Kira & Lacus

Freedom Gundam

God Gundam

So, below is the lens I use tonight.
It is a Carl Zeiss lens, i said it took away my A200's virginity because it is the first time I equip Carl Zeiss lens with my A200 @.@
The lens is so heavy, it is even heavier than my camera's body itself. (approx 955g for lens and 600g for body)
I feel like I gained muscle after I play around with it for more than half hour :p

Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 24 - 70mm F2.8 (SAL2470Z)
Market Price: RM6499

More Info

This is why it is so expensive - the Carl Zeiss.

Comparison with my current lens, SAL1870 (RM699)

Big different huh~

Comparison of the size between lens and camera

After equipped with SAL2470Z

After equipped with SAL1870

Ahem, finally, unfortunately to tell that, this lens is not belongs to me T.T
I need to send it over to Butterworth's outlet tomorrow...
So, since I bring it home, if I not playing with it isnt't a waste? ^^
Now I work for new company, the lens lineup are enough for me to play (learn) for few years, hahaha.
Besides, A700 or so call mid-end Alpha is a camera that can get anytime in the store, I'm already addicted on the first working day with the lens and accessories.

I have no time to take some portrait or landscape photo with this lens,
so basically I just try on the big aperture of this lens.
F2.8 fix aperture size, from 24mm - 70mm.
See the depth of field of my shots above?
That's where the value at this lens.
Just, if I have more time, I will surely take more good photos with this, but customer is going to collect tomorrow, so I will leave it next time.

Anyway, SAL2470Z is really a nice lens, although it is not inside my collection list.
But it is good if I can always have a chance to play with it, most importantly is FOC, hehehe~
Good night, it is so tired for 1st working day, need to rest more for the 2nd day.
Feel free to comment on the shots, thanks, and bye.


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Anonymous said...

wad is wet?

kw arh.. i realise arh... ur english post is more like presentation..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

kong: wet ler...

tinky: wat is wet ar... hard to fully explain lo, zong zhi is very very excited lo.

according to my ang mo, haha, wat to do? my standard is there... T.T

Anonymous said...

not standard prob.. jz u express like having presentation..abit formal. haha

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

erm, maybe i oso wan to promote the Carl Zeiss lens oledi at first.
end up write till formal a bit, hehe.

tomato said...

Carl Zeiss lens~!

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

is kao sai lens...