Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Please Feel My Anger

I know the reason why.
At the early stage.
But at the current situation.
I don't know why.

You can keep on dragging me,
With the same stupid and lame reason.
I don't care?
In fact I'm really care with it.
You do not keep your promise,
How do I continue to have the spirit?
Maybe you will say I'm realistic.
I admit it,
But how about you?

People said: Steady a bit la!
I say: You're not steady.
Pass 3 months you gave me the reason,
Yes that was reason.
A reasonable one.
This 2 weeks you are giving me craps!
The unacceptable one!

You need 2 weeks time to settle a 2 minutes thing?
Or maybe... I give you 2 hours?
Is that enough?
Or 2 days?
It is more than enough.

I don't really care about that thing,
In the end it is not belongs to me.
I sad?
No, it is nothing to be sad.
But I'm angry,
Because it is unfair to me.
I disappointed with you,
Because you're not keeping your promise.

I hope you can see this,
In fact you can't.
So, please feel it,
Through my face!
When you meet me.
Thanks M for sharing his idea with me,
I feel better after him and this craps article.
I just, feel bad tonight.

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