Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[S.α.C] - Portrait

Finally, Sony α [Alpha] Convention 2008 @ Le Meridien Hotel KL had ended at 12th October.
I was there for 3 days.
Learn a lot of photography skills (ahem... doesn't mean that I'm already a great photographer...)
Met up some nice people...
And lot of great stuffs which I cannot finish in a single post.
So I already decided to post my experience in this convention slowly.
Spread them into few posts, maybe will complete in 2 months time.

Today, let's start with portrait first, model shooting in the convention~
Everyone like to watch leng lui, sui cha bo, although most of my colleague said they are not pretty...
Aiyo, please la, I very respect them 1 k?
Stand there for 3 days, keep on smiling, do sui sui pose let you shoot, some more under the stage got many flash lights chi chi chak chak there, my god, please give them a big clap!
I don't know how to take a good portrait (and good photo...) at the first day.
But I really appreciate Sony, they gave me this chance to learn from many great photographers in this world.
I know I'm not good, but I really learn a lot this round, and I'm improving with every shot.

K, stop bull shitting, tell me which 1 is the best.









The girl I shoot the most, is the 1 I like to most, yea... so what?
She is nice, good smiling (my colleague said her smiling so fake...) haha but I just feel nice.
And she is cute, don't you think so?

K, comment please.


Chi-Hao said...

I personally like the 2 pic

mtch said...

definately not my cup of cha~ so i wont comment on ya taste. =.=

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

who ask u to comment on my taste?
comment on the pic nia, yor~
if our taste same, then hin liao,
haha u know wat i mean~

mtch said...

lol.. i noe... da 1st 2 pic is nice.

Anonymous said...

For me I love the first two pic becuz she look natural with her smile and she looks simply beautiful.

The other girl is cute. but her smile..err... a lil bit weird and not natural.

Sorry arr.. I like ppl with natural look, natural smile..etc

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

haha, the 1st girl is the most pretty 1, this 1 i know.

y sorry ar, every ppl got different comment 1 ma, haha.

teary_elf said...

hey i like the last pic ler.. unexplainable sexy.. hehe..

P@nD@ Baby KinG said...

haha, u r the only 1 who like i think, it is really unexplainable....